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Windows 11 taskbar will soon let you quickly kill an entire task or process

Many tasks are constantly operating in the background of Windows 11, just as they were in Windows 10. File Explorer, the notification center, Settings, applications, and even the desktop are all powered by these processes. This results in a large number of processes being launched instantly upon system boot.

Third-party processes can cause issues on your desktop, but the system processes are always safe. As an example, your computer may experience lag or even freeze due to a malicious process associated with a third-party program. If a program or task is frozen, you can force it to respond by opening Task Manager, finding the program’s entry, and ending the process.

In Windows 11 version 25300, Microsoft has made it possible to terminate all running processes and tasks with a single click. Windows 11 includes a new feature that can be accessed by right-clicking any app or process icon and selecting the “End Task” option.

Windows 11 End task feature
New “End Process” button in the taskbar | Photo: TheWindowsFan.com

Invoking the same function as the Task Manager’s “End Task” button. Basically, it’s just a faster way to access the standard Task Manager function.

If you know the process’s name or Process Identifier (PID), you can terminate it in Windows 11 using any of those tools: Task Manager, Command Prompt, PowerShell, or the Settings app. There’s a brand-new search box in Task Manager, too. to help isolate hidden operations.

Other improvements or hidden features in Build 25300

Version 11 of Windows, build 25300, includes significant improvements to its accessibility tools. Live Captions has been improved with this update to include support for a wider range of languages. These include Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and more.

Microsoft is also experimenting with alternative snap layout designs, such as methods to increase snap layout discoverability and adoption. The updated snap layouts experience, for instance, now features the app window’s icon and a more descriptive title.

Snap layouts
In Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a new snap layout.

To us, a friend In a note, PhantomOcean Microsoft is also testing a shorter hover time required to activate the flyout on the social media platform Twitter. When you hover for too long, it seems like snap layout recommendations will appear. SnapFlyoutSuggestions is mentioned, but it seems to be broken at the moment.

It’s important to remember that Microsoft is currently beta testing these enhancements in Windows 11 preview builds, and the vast majority of them are locked away and can only be unlocked by tinkering with the code. The “End Task” button for the taskbar is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks as part of a monthly cumulative update.

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