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Windows 11 update is causing issues with taskbar, autohide feature for some users

The list of known issues with the taskbar’s auto-hide feature now includes a new one KB5025239 Windows 11 Bugs, the newest OS upgrade available. Some users have reported that the latest cumulative update has broken the taskbar in addition to the autohide feature not working properly.

OS X Eleven Customers have reported that the operating system update in April 2023 seems to have messed up the taskbar autohide functionality. For those who are unaware, the desktop and tablet versions of Windows 11 include an option that automatically hides the taskbar.

This setting is located in the Windows Settings app’s Taskbar section. The taskbar disappears from the desktop and any open programs when it is hidden. Simply moving your cursor or tapping the bottom of your screen will reveal the taskbar.

Some users have complained that the update made the autohide taskbar less reliable, saying that it now frequently fails to hide and remains visible. Although this has been inconvenient, the problem has thus far been contained. Some users are experiencing issues with the taskbar, but not all.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has admitted to a related problem in the past. In a proof of concept  According to Microsoft’s findings, The April 2023 Update for Windows 11 some features, like File Explorer or explorer.exe, may not work properly if you use a version of Windows 7 or later. The taskbar is directly influenced by explorer.exe.

This occurs when utilizing ExplorerPatcher or StartAllBack, or any other similar third-party UI customization app.

These programs, which are used to customize the operating system by enabling previously-locked features or objects, can occasionally trigger explorer.exe errors that can repeat indefinitely.

Windows Latest recognizes, however, that the taskbar autohide problem and the issue with third-party UI customization apps are likely two separate problems. You can test this by updating to the most recent version of these programs or uninstalling them entirely and then seeing how the taskbar functions without them.

April 2023 Patch Tuesday is a buggy ride

Users have reported numerous issues with the latest cumulative update, including issues with Local Security Authority (LSA) protection, missing desktop icons, and more.

Sometimes, customers reported that it took hours for the update to finish, and throughout that time a message said “Updates are underway.” Keep your computer on, thanks. A second user complained that their computer would not move past the boot screen, which featured the spinning circle animation. Even after leaving the computer like that overnight, the problem persisted.

Microsoft is constantly working to improve the update experience, but incidents like these highlight the importance of testing extensively.

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