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Windows 11’s flagship Spotify integration broken for three months

While I was working on a piece about The new alert settings in Windows 11, I noticed that Spotify doesn’t work properly with the integration. Just in case you forgot, In 2021, Windows 11’s highlight feature was the addition of Spotify support. Panos Panay, at the time, said this new functionality would be a “game changer” for workers looking to increase their efficiency.

Microsoft has done nothing to fix the game-changing feature since February.

In Windows 11, Spotify is integrated into the Alarms & Clock app as part of a new feature called “Focus Sessions,” which is meant to help users focus on specific tasks and get more done. Since Focus Sessions is Spotify-compatible, users can curate sessions featuring their go-to tunes from the music streaming service.

So, how exactly does Windows 11’s integration function? Launch the Clock app, select a Microsoft To-Do item from the list, and then click the Connect Spotify button to link Spotify with the Clock app. Select a Spotify playlist, set your timers, and launch your concentration session once everything is set up.

Windows 11 Spotify broken
If you’re using Windows 11, Spotify won’t play (image courtesy of TheWindowsFan.com).

To shed light on the source of inspiration for the sessions feature, The Pomodoro Method consisting of shorter periods of work interspersed with longer breaks.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Windows and Surface, made the announcement that Spotify and Focus Sessions would be coming to Windows 11 dubbed He calls this new feature a “game-changer” in his professional life.

However, since late February 2023, the Spotify integration in Windows 11 has not been functioning properly.

In my testing, the Spotify integration pop-up for Windows 11 never loads. When attempting to link Spotify and Clock through the focus sessions page, the aforementioned error message will appear in the form of a blank popup that will not load.

The issue has been reported by numerous users through the Feedback Hub, but Microsoft has yet to address the issue.

Consider a single user who stated the “Link your Spotify” button in the Focus Session tab opens the same blank window every time. Instance #2 added The “Connecting to a service” popup is blank for me as well. This morning I downloaded the latest version of Windows Clock from the Windows Store, but it is still broken (11.2302.4.0).

Spotify’s buggy Windows 11 integration is a known issue internally

It seems to be a known limitation on Windows’ side at the moment due to an expired certificate such that the oATH header being sent to the Spotify API is no longer valid, as confirmed by Spotify’s support team: “We’ve checked around, and it looks like this is a known limitation on Windows’ side at the moment.”

The good news is that Microsoft is also cognizant of the problem and is actively engaged in developing a fix. A support representative has assured us that this issue will be addressed in upcoming server-side updates; however, this process is taking longer than usual.

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