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Microsoft says it wants to put people in control of their Windows 11 PC

Instead of being coerced into using Microsoft’s products and services, the company has announced a new user-friendly approach with Windows 11. This includes allowing users to choose their own default apps.

Microsoft has gone too far in trying to compel people to use its products. Future Microsoft updates will include planning to allow for more customization options for installed programs and user settings in Windows 11. Microsoft says the upcoming update will be based on four principles: privacy, security, customization, and user autonomy.

The company hopes to make Windows 11 more user-friendly and protective of personal data. Using this method, you can be more selective about which programs are pinned to the taskbar. Equally convenient is the ability to manage default apps for both actions and file types.

The first new feature is “Settings deep link URI,” which, when clicked in a third-party app, will take the user directly to the specified page in Settings.

Windows 11 default apps settings
Picture Provided by Microsoft

If you want Chrome to be your go-to PDF reader, clicking that button will take you to the Default Apps page’s PDF Reader section.

The current ms-settings: URI scheme is enhanced by this change.

New API for pinning apps to the taskbar

Microsoft is releasing a new application programming interface (API) that will give programmers more control over the pinning of app icons to the taskbar. When an app makes use of this API, the user is prompted in a unique way in Windows to pin the app to the taskbar. Users are asked again if they want to pin the app to the taskbar by this confirmation prompt.

Windows 11 taskbar pinning
Source: Microsoft for the image

The Director of the Windows Insider Program: it’s surprising that Microsoft sees it as its “responsibility to ensure user choices are respected” The firm has been using gift cards as an incentive to get people to switch to its Edge browser.

Recently, Microsoft has been bombarding Windows 11 and 10 users with Edge advertisements in an effort to convince them to use Edge instead of Chrome. We’ve noticed an uptick in Microsoft Edge advertising campaigns, such as full-page banners when trying to install the browser, over the past few weeks.

Microsoft is also experimenting with desktop advertisements that offer gift cards for making use of Edge’s new features. Use Edge bar exclusively for three days and the company will give you a “gift card,” so the company hopes.

We don’t know if Microsoft will stop pushing the browser so hard, but they have promised users more say over their default apps and settings in the near future.

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